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The Unconsumption team wishes you a happy and healthy new year!

P.S. to Champagne drinkers: The hooded wire cages (a.k.a. muselet) from the tops of Champagne bottles can be made into mini-chairs — good for use as place card holders. Also, save corks for possible use for one or more of these DIY projects. And bottles? Consider repurposing them, too. Ideas here.

P.P.S. If you end up with leftover Champagne (I know it’s unlikely, but it *is* possible), check this previous Unconsumption post for granita and other recipes and cooking ideas. 

(Photo via The Fab Miss B blog, which provides a how-to-make-your-own mini-chair tutorial.)


DIY Inspiration. Recycled Bottle Animal Lights/Sculpture. 2 more recycled bottle pigs because they look awesome lit up. With LED light kits I think this is doable with research (so I don’t burn down my house). Abyu LightingJerry the pig on the LEFT here and Teeny Tide Pig on the RIGHT here. Both are $185.

So cute :)


This year for christmas I am on a SUPER tight budget because I’m going to Australia for two weeks in a weeks time, after that I’m visiting a friend in Dunedin, after that I plan on moving out, and after that I start uni…so I have no money to spare. At. All.

Luckily the internet came to the rescue and I was able to make presents for my whole family with exactly $20.59 and a few things that were lying around the house :). CRAZY!!!

The first thing I made was rings out of copper wire and beads for my youngest sister…Learn how to make these here.

Second I got these cute little jars and filled them with quotes and funny movie lines for my mum to take to work and have a read of when she gets stressed out.

Third I melted crayons onto a canvas for my younger sister. I thought of somehow making a template of her name and pasting it onto the canvas temporarily while I melted the colours and then taking it off, but I ‘d already melted the crayons by then so it was too late. An idea for another day though.

Fourth and fifth I made a friendship bracelet and a regular bracelet for my youngest sister because she’s one of those people who wears old raggedy looking bracelets all the way up her arm.

The last one is a work in progress. It’s for my dad and it’s a cup painted with chalkboard paint. I bought some chalk and some tea to go with it. Fingers crossed it works out.

So yesss…hopefully my family still loves me after this…

The ring looks really cool :)


DIY - Make Your Own Holiday Ornaments

We asked our community to send us their favorite holiday crafts to make DIY ornaments and more.  Check it out and get crafty!


Make your own coasters! 

I am beyond thrilled with how these coasters turned out. Because a) THEY ACTUALLY TURNED OUT RIGHT, b) they were super cheap. Super, super cheap. And c) they’re so pretty! and customizable! and easy! So here’s how ya make ‘em. Because I know you want to. :)

1) go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get some 4x4 inch or so ceramic wall tiles. Mine were—get this— 16 cents. Yeah. Did I mention that they were cheap? Anyway. They are “biscuit” colored. In case you were wondering. 

2) Get out your favorite scrapbook paper. Cut out a square or whatever else you want—letters, shapes, etc etc etc. 

3) Mod Podge like there’s no tomorrow. First coat the back of your design, then adhere onto clean tile, then coat the whole tile. Let it dry. 

4) Cut out a square of felt and hot glue it on the back so that the tiles don’t scrape up anything. 

That’s it! There are so many ways you could customize these, it’s ridiculous. Make a set of four for a fabulous, (cheap :] ) Christmas gift! 

Oh, this is cool, I wanna try this…


my wednesday adventure included some packing and sorting and cleaning, but i also made these cute paper roses using this tutorial. yay!

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