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Transformers fic rec

Title: A Surprise Ending

Author: ,

Rating: Explicit

Fandom: Transformers Generation One 

Relationship: Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker/Ultra Magnus 

Warnings: Dubious Consent, Mech Preg, Sticky Sex, Spark Sex


G1 Elite Trine/Ultra Magnus
Ultra Magnus is having the decorn from the Pit. First he finds out he’s carrying a sparkling created by a brief affair. Now he’s a prisoner on the Nemesis. It’s bad, but it’s going to get weird.

Reccer’s note: This is one of my favourite TF fics. Which is strange because it doesn’t even mention my Transformers OTP (Optimus/Megatron). But I really like main idea of the story and the way the author describes the Seekers and their motives. I love Starscream here, with his surprising determination to do the right thing and his responsibility for the trine. And the relationship between all the fliers is really something fascinating (and cute)

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